Digital Printing

A new technology of DIGITAL PRINTING on glass brings you a colourful world of pictures and graphics. Previously, this option was available only on paper, but from now you are allowed to embellish also your products. Due to thermally processed ceramic colours we can make glass which is a part of interior equipment or presents a weather resistant external element. The principle of printing is the same as in ink-jet printers which are used in everyday life. Simple and efficient design enables very quick and quality printing. You do not need to prepare screens as for screen printing, so this kind of digital printing offers you affordable prices also for printing the most demanding graphics. Using six basic colours we can achieve currently the highest possible resolution of 1440dpi. Our software allows us either very quick printing of the edge or very fast designing of large glass surfaces.

Maximal dimensions for printing on glass: 2100 x 3900mm

Printing options:

  • Colour (graphics, pictures, motifs…)
  • Black-and-white (automotive industry, nautics, civil engineering…)
  • Special (project colours)

Three procedures for making an excellent product:

  1. Preparation of graphic design and files suitable for DIGITAL printing
  2. Printing
  3. Thermal processing/tempering

Advantages of DIGITAL printing:

  • Unlimited capabilities for printing photograpfs and graphics
  • Colours of photographic quality
  • The highest resolution of 1440dpi
  • Direct printing on glass without preliminary preparation
  • Tempered glass for a DIGITAL PRINTING is made according to a standard EN 12150 and has better resistance to temperature changes
  • Possibility of unlimited adjusting and later changes, what cannot be achieved by screen printing
  • Suitable for laminating
  • Adequate for use in automotive/nautical industry

Instructions for clients:

  • For printing are needed vectorial PDF, PS, AI, DXF, DWG, TIFF, BMP, JPEG
  • Printing quality depends on a quality of graphics/pictures/photographs
  • Recommended is standard resolution of 360dpi