About the company

Glazier Resnik is a company with more than 30 years of tradition in the field of processing, completion and installation of flat glass. The company has always strived to achieve high quality and competitive advantages with the goal to satisfy the increasingly demanding needs of the market.

Since the establishment of the company in 1977 until today, the company has majorly contributed to the development of the glass industry in Slovenia as well as to the development of the industry in the Posavje region. The company started with two employees but has since then been constantly expanding. Glazier Resnik currently employs almost 40 people.

With the modern technology and a large selection of glass, the company can offer its clients a quality implementation and is competitive in the furniture industry and construction industry.


Steklarstvo Resnik Janez s.p.
MDB 24
8273 Leskovec pri Krškem

Phone: +386 7 49 04 170
Fax: +386 7 49 210 05